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Tech Approach

The Tech Approach describes how product will be implemented. In mature organizations Technical Approach for a each individual product aligns well with Tech Strategy of the company.

Tech approach must specify details of how product will be implemented.


Well written tech approach usually has following components:

  • High-level introduction about product we are building (3 sentences)
  • Tech Stack - what language / ecosystem are we going to use to implement the product?
  • Integrity - how would this app be integrated into suite of existing apps?
  • Communication - how would this app communicate with other apps? JSON REST API? Grpc? GraphQL?
  • How state is managed? How are we going to store files?
  • Database - do we need a relational db or document or graph db? Why?
  • Security
  • Automation - CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure provisioning
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Buy vs Build: is it possible to buy some parts?
  • FAQ: include answers to some critical questions that a reader may have. Expect reader (imagine senior technologist at a company reading this and coming up with tricky questions to argue your choice)