🐣 Onboarding a New Hire

Keep the team fully formed to ensure high performance and maximum productivity. Consider challenges and stumbling blocks a new hire can face and provide enough flexibility, instrumentation, and knowledgebase to overcome those obstacles during the phase of joining a new team.

Step 1 - Intro call

During the intro call we cover Product Vision and an overview of the Onboarding process. Explain new team member where to find information (in this playbook).

Step 2 - Ways of Working

A high-level overview of the Ways of Working, Slack etiquette.

Step 3 - SDLC

Share the SDLC with new hire, so that you can align new team member to your software development lifecycle. It should include items like: where to take tickets from? How to name branches? How to pass tickets further? and many more.

Step 4 - Onboarding Buddy

Create a shared Slack channel with a few experienced team members that support a new hire as their Top priority item.

Step 5 - Setup Dev Environment

Provide instructions and free time for new hire to get up to speed with a codebase and set up the development environment asynchronously.

Step 6 - Architecture Overview

Overview of the Architecture, Technical Approach and CI/CD pipelines.



Tech Approach

Step 7 - Prepare for your first Daily standup

This is a perfect opportunity to say a few words about a new hire and introduce them to a team. Make sure to do a roundtable and let everyone introduce themselves.

Step 8 - Your Goals for the first 6 weeks

A brief reminder about your Onboarding goals from Step 1.

Step 9 - Impact and Influence Expectations

Ensure you have a common understanding with a new hire about expectations from his/her role.

Step 10 - Pick-up first ticket for development

Find beginner-friendly, straightforward and non-urgent tasks for a new hire to work on.

Step 11 - Improve the Onboarding process or documentation

As a rule of thumb, every new hire must improve the onboarding process. Depending on the maturity level of the team and new hire this improvement can go from writing a script to automate a manual task, updating onboarding documentation to suggesting a whole new way to onboard 🥲.

Make new hires say: "Wow!" (in a good way!) on their first day! 😬

When you follow the "Onboarding New Hire" playbook, you can expect:

Efficient Onboarding that gives New Hire way to achieve quick wins and keep high pace of getting to know your stuff

Higher level of engagement from new hire due to predictable and transparent onboarding program

Foundation for Continuously updated by new hires Onboarding program (self-organizing team)