🎁 New Product Development

Establish a transparent approach while developing a new product that delivers maximum value to the end-user. Ensure all team members share a common product vision and understanding of the approach alongside baseline principles to support it and estimate items and efforts required to build a product.


Product Vision

Step 1 - Product Vision

Create a shared understanding of the product you're building. Learn how to leverage the power of communication to align your team and set it up for successful delivery.

Step 2 - Product Roadmap

Define a high-level Product Roadmap to communicate the sequence of outcomes you want to achieve in order to create value for customers.

Product Roadmap

Step 3 - Technical Approach

Decide on a Technical Approach, i.e. HOW you will solve a problem. This would play a key role at the next steps when deciding WHO do you need to build a product for, as well as with initial estimates to plan your work.

Tech Approach

Step 4 - Inception

After setting a vision and figuring out a tech approach to support vision, it's time to figure out how long it will take to implement MVP. During this step we'll estimate items on a roadmap using T-Shirt size estimates.

This playbook is tailored to provide you with tools and techniques that will help you communicate your product vision, create a high-level plan on how to achieve it and estimate the work that's required to get there.

After executing on New Product Development playbook, you can expect the following outcome:

Clear product vision that you can use to communicate to your customers (both internal and external!)

The sequence of lower-level logically-grouped "chunks of work" to execute on

High-level estimate for the "chunks of work" that need to be done in order to achieve the vision