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approach / Strategy

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is a sequence of items to work on ideally with only 1 larger item in-progress at a time.

Goals of a product roadmap

  1. Product roadmap is used to communicate sequence of work that team is doing to everyone involved (Stakeholders, E-Staff, business leaders, other teams). This provides visibility for stakeholders to ensure that team works on the "right" items and creates alignment within the team.

  2. Communicate when specific items will be completed.

  3. Highlight important milestones for product.

Who owns a roadmap

In a high performing teams product roadmap is owned by the product manager working on the product. It is necessary to have feedback loop between stakeholders and product manager to ensure alignment on the roadmap.

Traits of a good product roadmap

  • Focus on outcome, not output (e.g. what specific results are we trying to achieve)
  • Highlight external dependencies
  • Avoid having more than 1 item in progress per team
  • Avoid hard commit dates when possible, as roadmap items tend to be larger chunks of work with some of the work that is impossible to estimate accurately. Use date ranges instead