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Job Post Best Practices

A job description can scare off potential candidates or, conversely, mislead those candidates who are not quite suitable for the role. So, you need the right person at the right time. In order for a job post to work for you, follow few simple guidelines to make sure expectations are met from both sides - you and candidate.

What the job post consists of

  • Description. Provide brief information about the company and describe the project in more detail. Describe the goals of the company, project, or team.

  • Structure of the team. What are the roles of the team? What roles will he most interact with and who will he report to? What principles does the team follow?

  • Responsibilities of the candidate. What will he do? What part of the project will he be responsible for? What are the goals for the candidate?

  • Requirements. Specify in the requirements only what is really necessary for the position. Do not put things that you are not using right now or have no plans using in near future.

  • Type of work. Give information on the type of work (part-time, full-time) and the format of work (remotely, office, any).

  • Ways of working. Describe the workflow and what the candidate will actually do on a day-to-day activity.

  • How to Apply. Sequence to applying for a job. Call to action

Tips for tech jobs

  • All information in the job post must be true and not misleading.
  • Describe the process, team, project, and give a complete picture of what awaits the candidate for the position.
  • The information must be up-to-date. Project, language or framework changed - update job post.
  • Present information logically. Avoid inconsistencies and errors in requirements and descriptions that will immediately catch the eye of a specialist, but may not be noticed by a recruiter (for example, requirements of 5 years of experience with a tool that appeared only 3 years ago).
  • Proofread the job post by your engineers. Ask them for feedback and recommendation. Make sure it is accurate from their perspective.

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